Going Organic!

going organic

About three years ago, Jonathan and I became enlightened to the wonderful world of organics. Every once in a while, I would run across an organic item at our local grocery store and occasionally buy it, but I certainly didn’t have a vast knowledge on the subject.

It’s interesting to know how I actually came across organic food/eating — of all things, couponing! After watching a couponing series on television many years ago, I hopped right onto the couponing bandwagon. I eagerly awaited double coupon days, had five Sunday papers delivered to ensure I had at least five of every coupon and signed up for online coupons. It was a challenge and became somewhat of a game to me. What can I buy on sale while using a double coupon? How many double coupons can I use in one transaction? I even bought a beautiful white binder and had my coupons (somewhat) organized. Please don’t take me wrong – I’m not trying to poke fun at those who use clip coupons. I think coupons are great, but my problem was what I was buying with them.

One day while scanning my pantry, I pondered, “What are we eating?” I have always loved cooking, but it occurred to me I wasn’t really cooking anymore. I was turning on the oven and re-heating something — something altogether processed. Another thing became very evident — I didn’t feel healthy, and I knew if I wasn’t feeling healthy, my family wasn’t either. Around the same time, I began reading posts on my cousin’s Facebook page regarding organic/GMO-free foods. They were interesting — very interesting! Jonathan and I started watching every single food documentary we could find on Netflix, sometimes twice because we were fascinated. What were we eating? Even if I was the one doing the cooking, there were still plenty of processed ingredients accumulating in the dishes.

We decided to visit Wholefoods (located approximately one hour away from us), and as we entered, I was the proverbial kid in the (organic) candy store! Organic produce in a rainbow of beautiful colors, 100% grass-fed beef, organic chocolate! I was a very happy girl!

Within a few weeks of re-directing our diet, we were feeling so much better! The only problem I encountered was that I couldn’t make a quick trip to an organic grocery store. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful that our local grocery stores have increased the number of organic products they carry, (maybe from my numerous requests?), but I needed additional shopping options, and I needed to be more organized. I prayed for direction because I wanted my family to be healthy!

Then one glorious day, (after a few conversations on organic food) a dear friend of mine introduced me to Azure Standard. [ray of sunshine beaming into our home] She brought me a catalog and also mentioned I could look them up online. To say I was beyond excited is putting it mildly! My eyes grew wide with so many organic products to peruse — bulk flours, bulk cocoa powder, dark-roasted peanut butter (my personal favorite!), fresh produce, pastas …. even organic chicken feed! [ray of sunshine beaming over the chicken coop] We’ve been happy Azure Standard customers ever since, and I’m sure you understand that we recommend them highly! After signing up, orders can be shipped directly to your home or can be picked up once a month at a local drop point. They offer exceptional service and an extensive variety of products. Shopping in bulk has been incredibly helpful in meal planning as well as cost-effective.


Believe me, we’re certainly not perfect and still learning. Although we would love to, we haven’t managed to eat 100% organic 100% of the time. We do have days where we end up ordering pizza, but we do strive to live healthier lives and can certainly tell the difference when we meander off the healthier path.

I’m looking forward to serving up some beneficial blogs at the table (yes, puns intended!), sharing some of the helpful information I continue to gather, delicious recipes, pantry organization (I’m working on this one — summer project #77) and favorite products I’ve found!

So, how about you? Do you have a favorite organic recipe or tip? I’d love to hear from you!


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