Bunnies Galore

In addition to seven chickens, we have been blessed with a sweet family of bunnies. We started off adopting an adorable lop-eared rabbit a little over four years ago that the girls immediately named Bunnypie. Now, coming from the city, I had no rabbit knowledge whatsoever. My husband had a few pet rabbits as a kid, but after they found a way to escape their bunny hutch, he only saw them dashing through the yard occasionally.

Bunnypie is a beautiful rabbit, but with her black fur and dark brown eyes, photographing her can be somewhat of a challenge. Her pictures often turn out as a silhouette, especially if someone is holding her while wearing black.

                          IMG_20120729_132036[1]        IMG_20140327_174730[1]

We were told Bunnypie was a boy. At least the previous owners referred to her as a “he”, so we figured they knew. Um, no. For almost three years, poor Bunnypie was called “good boy” or “bunny boy” on a daily basis. She was an amiable bunny, but as I watched her in her cage, I couldn’t help but feel she was lonely. The girls and I held her, talked to her and brought her inside when we could, but I felt as though she needed the companionship of another rabbit.

One week after bringing the chicks home, we were shopping at a local farm supply store that happened to have several white and black bunnies for sale. The girls and I kept walking back to peak in at them — they were so tiny and cute! Fast forward an hour, and we were on our way home with the newest member of our family, Olaf. Before we left, we were assured by one of the animal experts that Olaf was indeed a male. (at this time, we still didn’t know that Bunnypie was a female) We figured we had another male bunny to be a friend to Bunnypie — perfect!

tablet 1441

A few months later, the girls had some friends over, and as they walked out the back door chatting, I noticed they suddenly became very quiet. The door re-opened quickly and Aviah announced to me, “Mama! Come quick! There’s a baby bunny!”

A. baby. bunny. A baby bunny? My head was swirling, and as I followed them outside, I kept pondering the question — where would they find a baby bunny? They stopped immediately in front of Bunnypie and Olaf’s large cage, and there it was. A teeny tiny white baby bunny. I could not comprehend what was happening. We ended up finding two more. They were all so cold! With the help of one of our friends, we brought Bunnypie and the babies into the warmth of our guest bathroom. It was still sinking in that Bunnypie had given birth and was indeed a female!

The two days that followed were a hard reality of life on a farm, albeit a very small one. We had immediately consulted some friends that raised rabbits, and they did all they could to educate us, encourage us and help out in any way that the could. They brought Bunnypie a nesting box, checked on her and brought extra timothy grass. However, the baby bunnies were not thriving, and from the look of their tiny bellies, weren’t getting much milk, if any. We tried warming them with warm blankets and bottle feeding them, but sad to say, they were too weak and passed on.The girls were devastated, as was I. They had come, and left, so suddenly.

Time went by, and the girls asked if Bunnypie could ever have babies again. Our friends had noted that Bunnypie would need some time to recuperate, but she could indeed have babies again. This time we were prepared and kept a close eye on Bunnypie when we knew she would be close to delivering her kits. A few days before the wondrous day arrived, we brought her inside so she could prepare her nest and get settled. Last January, Olaf and Bunnypie welcomed six darling baby bunnies (Ezra, Esther, Emma, Cashmere, Sweetie Belle and Sabine), and what a lovely addition they have been to our life bellissima!

IMG_20150330_123152[1]  IMG_20150306_120840-1[1]  IMG_20150122_170319[1]


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