Bunny Chases and Chicken’s Ruff Day (Part One)

109It’s been quite eventful here the last few weeks. We’ve been enjoying our summer with trips to the mountains, laying out on the new hammock and trying out some great new recipes! Additional events have included rescuing one of our chickens and numerous bunny chases throughout the neighborhood. Yes, very eventful indeed!

A few weeks ago, Jonathan took a few days off to celebrate my birthday. We had planned on taking a family drive up to the mountains, relaxing at the hot springs and enjoying ice cream while walking along the lake. I was up first, sitting on the couch and looking out to a tranquil morning view. Life in the country is so very relaxing — a slower pace, wide-open spaces and ….

Wait one minute. Is that one of our bunnies bouncing through the backyard?

Yes, life in the country can indeed be relaxing, but not today. The morning blurred as a series of animal adventures began to unfold. All. at. once.

After running outside to see how one of the bunnies managed to get out of the rabbit pen, I sensed something was not right. Bunnies are quiet creatures — they wriggle their cute little noses and scamper about, but they aren’t known for making a lot of noise. However, it seemed too quiet, even for rabbits. I looked at the rabbit pen … one, two, three. Three? The last time I checked, we had eight rabbits. The five younger females were gone. As in “flew the coop” — except we’re talking about rabbits, not chickens. (at least not yet)

By now, Jonathan and the girls were up, and I somewhat frantically shared the news while trying not to startle the girls. We walked briskly around to the front of the house and there was Cashmere sitting calmly under a tree while Sweetie Belle was hopping across the street to meet up with Emma at the neighbor’s house.

As Sweetie Belle and Emma went hopping further down the street at a steady pace, we stood there in shock, still wondering where the other two were. What do we do now? Chase the two bunnies gallivanting down the street? Try to guide Cashmere into the backyard?

Now we’ve had Bunnypie and Olaf out before, but they are tame enough to stay near us. Bunnypie typically stretches out by her favorite tree while Olaf scampers off to find the chickens. We would often bring one or two of the younger bunnies out at a time, watching as they ran through the grass and munched on clover. They had always stayed relatively close, but not today. They had free range, and they loved it.

Needless to say, we spent most of the day on a wild bunny chase. Sounds of barking dogs echoed throughout the neighborhood as I pictured one, two or all five of the rabbits running through various gardens and putting every dog within the block on high alert.

I want to tell you how blessed we have been with our neighbors – they are loving, giving and caring people who will go out of their way to help. We could have had a lot of disgruntled neighbors with five of our rabbits running loose in their yards, and they would have every reason to be. Instead, we were deeply touched as sympathetic neighbors came to our rescue to lend a helping hand.

After a long day, we somehow managed to catch all of the adventurous rabbits and bring them home. The bunnies looked somewhat disappointed – similar to children being called inside when it’s a lovely summer evening. With the exception of barking dogs, I have no doubt that the rabbits enjoyed their freedom immensely.

After Jonathan re-inspected the rabbit pen for additional escape routes, we assumed things had settled down and went inside for some much needed rest. We were exhausted. Chasing rabbits, let alone catching them, is no small feat. They are fast, they are clever and they have much more energy than I ever imagined!

Not long after returning inside, I heard a loud and long distress signal from one of the hens, and immediately knew that one or more of them were in need of help. Running to the window, I saw our chickens being scattered everywhere as a large dog chased them into the neighbor’s yard. Oh nooooo!

As I’m sure you’ll understand, this post does not include many pictures – I would need an illustrator as it’s very difficult to photograph running rabbits!




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