Meet Marcie – Part One

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It has dawned on me that I’ve introduced you to our chickens and rabbits, but haven’t properly introduced you to our sweet tabby cat, Marcie.

You simply must meet Marcie — she is part of the family and a true friend who has been by our sides for nearly fifteen years! I know I’m partial, but she is seriously one of the sweetest cats I have ever known, and she came to us as such a sweet blessing during a particularly stressful time.

Many years ago,  Jonathan and I purchased our first home — a 100-year-old historical house in the center of town. We were in our “new home owner bliss” phase — how wonderful and exciting it will be to work on our home! It certainly was, however, it was also much more than we had prepared for!

A few minor repairs and touch-ups such as coats of paint, tearing out the old carpeting to restore the original hardwood flooring, (how hard could that possibly be under seven or eight very old layers of carpet and linoleum?), new curtains, some updated light fixtures and of course a charming new doorbell, and it would be as good as new! *sigh*

Reality set in quickly. Probably within the week? The whole house experience could be a book all by itself. I could make a very long list of all that needed to be done before we could actually live there (namely a bare-wire electrical system and no insulation), but I don’t want to come across as complaining. It was definitely a learning experience, and after an arduous amount of hard work, we had a lovely little home. Jonathan and I spent most (all) of our free time working on the house, and because we did not have a large budget, Jonathan and my Dad did all of the major repairs.

So what does Marcie have to do with all of this?

On one particular day, I was with Jonathan at the house feeling slightly overwhelmed. Did I say slightly? That was a typo. It should read extremely. Feeling emotionally drained, I sat down in the living room on a small chair.

I began to hear the faintest sounds and almost immediately knew I was hearing a kitten! But where? I called for Jonathan, and we realized the soft little me-ews were coming from under the house. We went outside, and Jonathan heroically crawled under the house to rescue the teeny, tiny tabby. Jonathan had a flashlight with him, and as he crawled towards Marcie, he often recalls how she crawled towards the light.

We are quite sure she was the runt of the litter, and being so little, she needed to be bottle-fed often. But now with our frequent visits to the house, we had a new member of the family to greet us, cheer us and start making our house feel like a home.

… to be continued!




49 thoughts on “Meet Marcie – Part One

    1. Thank you, dear Lynn! No, that was the first house we lived in. Now we are out in the country –Marcie loves having so much territory! Lol. I’ll post more very soon! 😉 xoxo

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    1. Thanks so much, Darryl. 🙂 Your comment made me laugh because I can so relate — I have told Jonathan I don’t ever want to go through another “historic home restoration” … 😉 I would happily rescue the kittens from the homes, but restoring homes is certainly not my forte. Hope you’re having a great week!


      1. Really?? What a small world!! There’s something about those of us from Southern California. Sometimes we don’t think we have much in common, but we really do. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment. 🙂

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  1. What a lovely story about your first purchased home, Anna. It’s funny how often we only notice the faults of a house after we’ve bought it! We’ve had a few like that – when we’ve thought we’d taken on more than we could chew as soon as we moved in. But time and hard work win out in the end. I enjoyed reading this and will now continue with Episode 2 🙂

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  2. Oh goodness, do I ever know how this story will end. You could be telling my own story if you were writing this 50 years ago, when my hubs and I moved to a pre-civil war house in the country, complete with it’s own cemetery. Everything had to be replaced, added to, shored up, while trying to keep true to the original structure. But we didn’t have to worry about looking for kittens, they already inhabited the barns and sheds. He brought me a German Shepherd puppy, and then a raccoon kit that had fallen from its nest. And I loved every minute of that life all those years ago. I love your story about Marcie. The first one we brought inside was Tabitha. And from there they just kept on and on. The raccoon was Jo-Jo, tamed until she decided to return to the wild.

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      1. Goodness, I don’t know if any of those photos still exist. I’ll have to ask my daughter if she has them, because after I moved to town most of the old photos disappeared. I do remember one of the raccoon eating from the same bowl as the grown dog and a couple of the grown cats. We had a very friendly group of domestic animals, to go with some wild farm animals.

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