Book Review – A Royal Easter Story


A Royal Easter Story

With a little less than three weeks before the celebration of Easter, this delightful story of love and friendship is sure to become a favorite for young readers between the ages of 4 and 8.

Published by Zondervan and included in the Princess Parables Series written by Jeanna Young and Jacqueline Johnson, A Royal Easter Story opens as five princess sisters, Joy, Grace, Faith, Charity and Hope are joyously welcoming the arrival of spring with preparations for their annual Easter celebration.

Vivid, colorful illustrations by Omar Aranda bring these engaging characters to life as they learn valuable lessons on the importance of caring for others and putting others first. As preparations are made for the pilgrimage made to the annual Easter celebration, a neighboring family arrives with five young knights and their father. When a friendly race ensues between the knights and princesses, surmounting obstacles  and a lost child keep the princesses behind. The princesses must choose what is most important: Is it better to help others in need or pursue winning the race?

Based on the Biblical parable found in Luke 11:9-13, we read of the great depths of God’s love for us and of our greatest gift of all, Jesus.


10 thoughts on “Book Review – A Royal Easter Story

    1. Yes, I agree … aren’t the illustrations lovely? I think it’s so wonderful to have reading time with your children — one of our favorite past times as well. 😉

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