Refreshing Raspberry Sparkler


We are smack dab in the middle of a heat wave — temperatures have been reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit (and above) this week, so we were all in need of something cool and refreshing!

Towards evening, it’s the perfect time to sit outside in the slightly cooler weather, watch the chickens and the new baby chicks (more on that in an upcoming blog, but can I at least say, they’reΒ adorable!), swing in the hammock and keep an eye out (from a very safe distance) for a family of six, yes six!, skunks who have decided to live in our neighborhood! The mama skunk came waddling out late one evening, followed by not one, not two, but five babies waddling after her!

We enjoy having something cool to sip on while we’re outside, and I’m sure you can’t really call this a recipe, but it’s refreshing, beautifully-colored and can be put together in roughly 30 seconds — perfect when you don’t have the energy to put something together in the heat!

Refreshing Raspberry Sparkler

*I prefer to use all organic ingredients whenever possible

raspberry sorbet

raspberry soda (I use the Cran-Raspberry La Croix)

-Scoop 3-4 small round scoops of the sorbet into a glass

-Pour in the Cran-Raspberry La Croix

-Garnish with fresh mint, if desired

And that’s it. So. easy.

Now back to the hammock, chickens and keeping a watchful eye out for those skunks!

(Let’s hope my next post isn’t on 10 ways to remove skunk spray!)Β 





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